Why Geocreationism?

Geocreationism is my answer to the question of why scripture says what it does, when science appears say something different.  The basic answer is that they do not really disagree.

Other perspectives on creation and science have been written, and some are more accepted than others.  In every case I’ve encountered so far however, I was left with too many unanswered questions.

Young Earth Creationism for example accepts the interpretation of Genesis 1 that says God created the earth in 6 solar days (or 6 24-hour days).  The scientific evidence scientists use to prove an old earth is then re-interpreted in terms of divine providence, Noah’s flood, or dismissed as junk science.  Honestly, I have no problem with this interpretation if that is what God did.  But I cannot get past the fact that certain geological features appear to require multiple processes to have occurred, in a sequence that isn’t explainable by the flood. One particularly convincing flood article can be found here.

Plain vanilla Theological Evolution is generally accompanied not by a literal interpretation of Genesis 1, but an epochal view of Genesis 1, where days are allowed to overlap, and evolution is guided by God.  But I cannot get past the fact that Genesis 1 was written in a manner suggesting a literal interpretation.  Why would God inspire Moses to write something in a historical manner that isn’t really historical?

Day-Age theory, like other forms of Theological Evolution, tries to address the historical nature of Genesis 1.  It teaches that every Day represents an age of the earth.  One version contributes the possibility that God’s pronouncements were made in advance of the events.  While grammatically justifiable and satisfying in its simplicity, allowing God’s pronouncements to be taken literally, I still can’t get by Moses’s use of the word “Day”.  Day’s are consecutive, even when referring to great periods of time, and they are not overlapping.  Progressive Creationism, another Day-Age theory, views the Days as historical epochs, but like versions of the theory, it requires the Days to overlap.

The Gap Theory holds a certain satisfaction for me as well, because of the biblical evidence showing Satan had rule over the earth before Adam’s fall in the garden.  But, I have trouble with the various ways the 6 Days are generally conceived.  For example, saying they happened 10,000 years ago in 6 literal days doesn’t agree with the fossil record; if a theory allows the world to be billions of years old, I want it to agree with the fossil record.  Saying the Creation account started 65 million years ago has some potential to fit in with the fossil record, but doesn’t acknowledge the life that survived when the dinosaurs were killed… whales, trees, and birds for instance.

There are other theories as well.  One is that the world started out frozen and the 6 Days match quite well to what would happen as it defrosted.  However, it fails to explain the geological record.  Another theory is that the world started out in a water canopy.  Again, this can fit the scriptures, allows for an old earth, and even fits the Geocreationist belief in an early hydrosphere, but it doesn’t explain the existence of zircon crystals 4.4 Ga.

Finally, amidst all of the creation theories above, there is the geological record itself.  It tells a very detailed story that seems fairly coherent to me.  It shows a lot of forethought on God’s part if it is true, but there is no short geological span of time, let alone a solar week, that cleanly matches the biblical record.  Therefore, one seems faced with dismissing the science or dismissing the scripture.  I could not bring myself to dismiss either, and I now convinced that both can be heartily embraced.

Geocreationism is the word I now use to describe how the scriptures can be interpreted literally, and in harmony with the geological record.  Days 1 to 4 match the sequence of events from the earth’s creation 4.5 billion years ago until around 1.9 billion years ago.  Days 5 and 6 fit the events starting 65 million years ago.  The night separating Day 4 from Day 5 is the “gap” when Satan ruled the earth.  The definition used for Day is based on its context in Genesis 1: “there was evening and there was morning”, from the perspective of a witness… Jesus.  The pronouncements to “let” such and such happen, are from the Father to Jesus, to remove any hinderance preventing the desired objects from reaching their desired state.  There is more, of course.  It is all “literal”, completely historical, and explains the spiritual forces behind the geologic record.

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